Lightning Protection
A conventional lightning protection system comprises air terminals, down conductors, earth terminal networks and surge protection devices to protect buildings/structures, people and electronic equipment from hazards arising from exposure to lightning.

A lightning protection system intercepts a lightning strike and safely passes it to ground (earth).

Procel provides:
  • Cost efficient and effective lightning protection systems
  • Fixed-interval visual inspection, testing and certification of compliance of lightning protection systems
  • All work to AS/NZS 1768:2007; the Australian/New Zealand Standard for lightning protection
  • Lightning protection system parts for sale to industry providers


Because of the electrical skill required for lightning protection, Procel is lead by a qualified electrician with 24 years experience. Procel specialises in installation, operation, repair and maintenance of electrical systems.


As a result of expertise spanning 20 years, Procel also has long-standing relationships with pneumatic air tube users on Australia’s east coast by providing installation and relocation services.