Lightning Protection Systems must be fully inspected and tested by trained staff using calibrated test equipment.

Procel's STANDARD certification of a lightning protection system incorporates:
  • Site visit by specialist technician
  • Inspection of all down conductors, joints and parts of the system
  • Continuity testing across conductors and the total system
  • Earth resistance testing on individual electrodes and the complete system
  • Report on the condition of the system under test or inspection
  • Certification of compliance to AS1768/2007 (when fully compliant)
Procel's PREMIUM certification of a lightning protection system incorporates:

Standard certification plus:
  • Photos and recommendations
  • Costing information on remediation work (if required)
  • Updates to existing drawings or records (or creation of these documents for future reference)
Annual inspection, certification and earth testing of lightning protection systems.
  • Testing and certification to AS1768/2007 – recommended for annual inspections and Duty of Care requirements
  • Service contracts, usually on a yearly basis, which assists building owners to meet their obligations under OHS legislation
  • Changes to the legislation in recent years have made it imperative that all systems affecting a business are fully maintained AND regularly certified
Annual certification of a lightning protection system:
  • Confirms that the system is compliant to the Australian Standard, is properly installed and will perform as claimed
  • Minimises the risk of considerable property damage caused by lightning strikes
  • Works to protect against liability, downtime and loss
  • Provides confidence that the system has been thoroughly tested to provide maximum protection against a lightning strike
  • Provides confidence to insurers
Receiving a Test Certificate provides acknowledgement that the building / system has passed the Australian Standard and has a safe lightning conductor system.

For more information about annual inspections, certification or testing of lightning protection systems,
contact or phone 1800 655 200.